Leadership Skills for Managers, Fourth Edition

 Leadership Skills for Managers, Fourth Edition

Author: Charles M. Caldwell
Credit: 2.0 CEUs
Testing Format: multiple choice
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ISBN: 9780761214274
Format: Book


Today’s leaders face many challenges in achieving their goals. Rapid changes

in technology, a more diverse workforce, changes in government regulations,

worldwide competition, and the growing complexity of things in general

have increased our awareness of the need for more effective leaders. Developing

leaders requires having an understanding of the knowledge and skills

required for effective leaders.

Leadership Skills for Managers, 4th edition, focuses on five leadership skill

sets necessary to ensure individual and organization performance: providing

direction, leading by example, enabling others, sharing power, and seeking a

better way. In addition to the leadership skill sets, the course examines the

attitudes and mindsets of effective leaders. In the final analysis, the evidence

of leadership is in the performance of the people and the organizations that

follow the leader. When they perform well, the leader is a success. When they

don’t perform well, leadership changes are almost always forthcoming.

This course provides the background, real-world examples, practical

applications, and numerous exercises to help prepare aspiring leaders. The

lessons learned in this course can be applied to any leadership level in an

organization and in any type of organization.

Course Objective:

Build concepts and skills to lead your workforce to superior performance.

Selected Learning Objectives:

* Make the change from manager to leader.

* Provide direction.

* Enable others to achieve and succeed.

* Develop a vision and create alignment.

* Grow and develop new leaders.

* Appraise leadership performance.

* Use Continuous Improvement.