First Line Supervision, Fifth Edition

 First Line Supervision, Fifth Edition

Author: Charles M. Cadwell
Credit: 2.0 CEUs
Testing Format: multiple choice
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ISBN: 9780761214519
Format: Book


Join the thousands of supervisors who have stepped up to their new roles with this self-study classic.

Join the thousands of supervisors who have learned the ropes with this classic self-paced course on mastering supervisory skills. Completely revised and updated, First-Line Supervision, Fifth Edition gives you all the confidence and know-how you need to achieve and maintain supervisory success in the contemporary workplace.

Filled with expert information on all the basics of the job—from managing time and stress to motivating and counseling employees— First-Line Supervision, Fifth Edition is light on business-school jargon and heavy on real-world guidance. Using self-assessments, action plans and relevant work examples, it shows you exactly how to apply crucial supervisory skills in your own workplace.

Whether a novice or experienced supervisor, you’ll find First-Line Supervision, Fifth Edition inspirational, instructive and encouraging. Just think of the course as a trusted friend—one that will lead you step-by-step along a new path to success and satisfaction.

Course Objective: Develop skills to orient, train, manage and coach employees.

Selected Learning Objectives

• Make a successful transition from staff to supervisor

• Develop your own leadership style

• Establish a partnership with your boss

• Give feedback to improve performance

• Build a top-performing team

• Manage communication technology

• Develop the skills to manage a diverse work force

• Learn techniques for managing virtual employees and employees at multiple and distant locations