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University Certificate Programs with AMA Courses

You too can put AMA to work for your school via courses in continuing education, professional and workforce development, and business skills training.

By partnering with AMA, your community college or four-year institution can utilize AMA courses to offer comprehensive and proven nondegree certificate programs taught by your faculty on your own schedules—as soon as next semester!

AMA provides the program design, course materials and testing. YOU control all academic, administrative, marketing and scheduling decisions. It’s your choice: Offer one course via open enrollment OR several courses leading to prestigious Certificate Programs. Either way, getting started is easy! Students can even take the courses online.

How Does It Work?

Students complete five or six 15-hour courses within two years in any of 13 areas of specialization. Upon completion, a joint Certificate in Management is issued by your school in cooperation with AMA.

You can choose from any of our Certificate in Management Programs, all offering a wide range of topic choices and superior AMA content:

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