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AMA’s Self-Study Corporate Certificate Programs Make Good Business Sense!

  • Looking for quality training that saves your company travel time and expenses?
  • Need a cost-effective way to train one employee or hundreds of workers?
  • Want to ensure a consistent, across-the-board training experience for your staff?
  • Need a program that targets specific skills?

We’ll help you develop an AMA Self-Study Corporate Certificate Programcustomized to meet your unique needs and achieve both individual and corporate objectives. Here’s how:

  • Design a custom curriculum in an area of concentration: Administrative Skills, Communication, Customer Service, Finance, General Management, Human Resources, Leadership, or Supervision
  • Establish certificate requirements (a minimum of five Continuing Education Units)
  • On completion, award a joint certificate with AMA, establishing your corporate culture as a “learning organization”

For more information on the Self-Study course that’s right for you, please email AMA Educational Services [email protected].