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Basis for Affiliation Between American Management Association and Colleges and Universities

1. The School will establish and promote a Certificate in Management or other Certificate Program as an award from your institution and the American Management Association.

2. The School will select and compensate course leaders and control all the academic processes. AMA would defer to your policy insofar as scheduling, pricing, awarding of CEUs, and other administrative details are concerned with three exceptions:
A. Courses must be scheduled to meet a minimum of ten (10) hours for a one-CEU course and twenty hours for a two-CEU course.
B. A Certificate program must consist of ten (10) Continuing Education Units (CEUs), usually five (5) courses.
C. The minimum cost to the student must be at least $100 for each course.
D. Students who successfully complete the required course work will receive a Certificate in Management or other discipline from your school in cooperation with AMA.

3. AMA encourages you to schedule and promote four or more course offerings in a separate brochure during the calendar year. To support your efforts, AMA will provide the following at no additional cost:
A. Authority to use the AMA name in your school brochure, pending review and approval of promotional copy.
B. A set of course materials for each instructor. These materials include one copy of the course book as well as case notes, an answer key and leader’s guide, as applicable and available for each course.
C. Ongoing counsel to help you serve your community.