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Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, Fifth Edition

 Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, Fifth Edition

Author: Diane Arthur
Testing Format: multiple choice
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ISBN: 9780761215738
Format: Paper or Softback


Prepare for a successful career in Human Resources

Fundamentals of Human Resources Management is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to virtually every aspect of human resources management from understanding the basic HR functions to using the internet for recruiting to selecting the latest HRIS. Whether new to the profession or a newly promoted professional, students will find in this course all the information and skills they need to do their job and make a positive impact in their organization.

Students will learn how to:

• Write job descriptions and specifications; develop cost-effective, competitive compensation and benefits programs

• Recruit, select, interview, and hire more qualified employees in full compliance with Federal and State laws

• Implement a results-based performance management plan

• Develop policies and procedures manuals and employee handbooks

• Select and use a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

• Evaluate training options to provide optimal training and development opportunities for all workers

• Build a mentoring program to aid in succession planning

• Create HR budgets and strategic plans that align with senior management priorities

• Leverage new information on employee assistance and health insurance options to strengthen employee benefit programs

Now completely revised, the fifth edition of this course covers new trends in training and development, the latest thinking on hiring, updated information on employment-related legal issues, insight on the changing role of unions, guidance on online recruitment and the smart use of social media, information on electronic performance management systems, a glossary of key terms, and much more. This trusted resource equips students to meet today’s HR challenges and gain competitive advantage for their companies.

Who Will Benefit

Fundamentals of Human Resources Management, Fifth Edition, gives both HR practitioners and managers the skills they need to maximize the role of HR in their organizations. It also provides a timely context for demonstrating how the HR function can be a significant contributor to any organization in meeting many of today’s workplace challenges.

Table of Contents

About This Course

How to Take This Course


1 The Human Resources Function: An Overview 1


The History of Personnel/Human Resources

Today’s Successful HR Practitioner

HR Challenges

Establishing an HR Function

The HR Function in Small and Mid-Sized vs. Large Organizations

The HR Function in Relation to Non-HR Functions


Review Questions

2 HR Management and Employment-Related Legal Issues 33


Employment-Related Legislation

The Impact of Employment-Related Legislation on HR Management At-Will Employment and Termination

Negligent Hiring and Retention

Avoiding Discrimination Charges


Review Questions

3 The Employment Process: Preparatin Recruitment,Interviewing

and Documentation 63


Interview Preparation


Interview Questioning Techniques



Review Questions

4 The Hiring Process: Selectionand Orientation 85


Preemployment Testing


Background Checks

Final Selection Factors

Orientation Programs


Review Questions

5 Compensation 113


Characteristics of an Effective Compensation Program

Job Descriptions

Position Evaluations

Specific Compensation Programs

6 Performance Management 135


Objectives and Uses

Components of an Effective Program

Performance Management Methods

Allocation of Performance Management Responsibilities

Performance Management Forms

Electronic Performance Management

Performance Management Meetings


Review Questions

7 Benefits Administration 163


Recent Benefits Trends

Primary Objectives of Benefits Programs

Federally Mandated Employee Benefits

Additional Benefits Legislation

Health Care Insurance Plan Options

Selecting an Insurance Carrier


Review Questions

8 Employee Relations 183


Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures

Alternative Dispute Resolution

HR Policies and Procedures Manuals and Employee Handbooks

Employee Retention


Review Questions

9 Training/Learning and Development 209


Training and Development Trends

Needs Assessment

Directed Training vs. Nondirected Training

Distance Learning

Classroom Training vs. Distance Learning

Blended Learning

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training

Career Development



Review Questions

10 Human Resources Management Systems 233


Guidelines for Using, Selecting, Upgrading and Implementing an HRMS

Selecting a Vendor

Self-Service Applications

Privacy and Security Issues

HRMS Maintenance


Review Questions

Bibliography 253

Glossary 255

Post-Test 265

Index 271