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Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals

 Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals

Author: Jeffery H. Davis
Credit: 1.0 CEUs
Testing Format: multiple choice
Your Price: $139.00
ISBN: 9780761213918
Format: Book


Practical tips and techniques to facilitate goal setting in any organization.

This self-study course is a hands-on guide to both setting and redefining goals, as well as a nuts-and-bolts planning resource for achieving those goals.

It’s all here: how to implement five proven goal-setting criteria…trouble shoot and rescue goals that have gotten off track…tie in departmental goals to the larger organization’s mission…and facilitate a wider buy-in of each goal.

Course Objective: Learn to set and achieve department or work unit goals that drive the organizational mission.

Selected Learning Objectives

• Implement five proven goal-setting criteria to increase your chances for success

• Tie in departmental or work unit goals to the larger organization’s mission

• Develop a credible selling strategy to facilitate a wider buy-in of each goal

• Create an action plan to carry out objectives

• Track goals to make certain they accomplish objectives on time

• Troubleshoot and rescue goals that have gotten off track

• Celebrate goal achievement and recognize individual and work unit contributions


Testing Format

This course contains one multiple choice test valued at one Continuing Education Unit (CEU).


Table of Contents

About This Course

How to Take This Course


1. The Importance and Value of Organizational Goal Setting 1


Defining Some Goal-Setting Terms





Action Plans

Determining Your Organization’s Mission

The Value of Goal Setting

Commitment Level

Reduction in Workplace Conflict

Performance Enhancement

The Power of Goal Setting

Focused Effort

Better Time and Resource Management

Measurement of Success


Review Questions

2. Selecting the Right Departmental Goals 15

The Effect of Selecting the Wrong Goals

Why Goals Sometimes Fail

The Formula for Choosing the Right Goals

Tying a Goal to the Organization’s Current Strategy

Choosing the Right Goals for Your Department

Determining the Value of a Potential Goal

Impact on the Internal and External Customer

Implementation Time Versus Time Saved

Using Time Cost-to-Savings Calculations

Cost-to-Savings Analysis

Cost-to-Savings Goal Analysis


Review Questions

3. The How-To’s of Goal Setting 35

The Need for SMART Departmental Goals

The SMART Goal-Setting System






Setting Your Individual Goals

Action Planning

Devising Your Individual Action Plan


Review Questions

4. Selling Goals to the Department 51


The Reason for Selling Goals

The Involvement Strategy

Planning Goals

Generating Ideas and Solutions

Taking Responsibility


Developing Your Goal-Selling Strategies

The Informational Strategy

Key Questions

Developing Your Key Question List

The Inspirational Strategy

Inspiring Your Staff

Applying the Inspirational Strategy

The Invitational Strategy

Benefits for the Group

Developing Your Invitational Strategy


Review Questions

5. Tracking and Managing Departmental Goals 67


The Need for Tracking Goals

Check Sheets

Using a Check Sheet to Pinpoint Problems

Using Check Sheets in Your Organization

Visualizing the Goal with Graphs

Graphic Illustration

Developing Your Graph

Feedback Charts

Creating a Feedback Loop

Developing Your Feedback Chart


Review Questions

6. Troubleshooting Your Departmental Goals 83


When Goals Get Off Track

Why Goals Get Off Track

Distractions and Emergencies

Lack of Consistent Reminders

Resource Allocation

Goal Miscommunication

Contingency Plans

A Vendor Contingency Plan

Using Contingency Planning

Finding the Problem Behind a Sidetracked Goal

Causes Behind the Problem

Using a Cause-and-Effect Worksheet


Review Questions

7. Accomplishing Goals and Setting New Ones 99


Goal Accomplishment

Celebrating, Publicizing, and Appreciating

Celebrating Goal Accomplishment

Publicizing Departmental Goal Accomplishment

Appreciating Those Who Helped

The Benefits of Goal Accomplishment

Lessons Learned

Analyzing Staff Learning Experience

Building a Bridge to New Goals

Possible New Goals

Brainstorming Potential Goals



Review Questions